Let's simplify your strategy.

Powerful strategic planning to help you get results.  

How can you best use your limited hours to solve your most pressing issues?


We champion creativity to

achieve the extraordinary.

Nava Strategy enables organizations to identify core competencies to act on emerging opportunities. Whether for a nonprofit, business, or a creative, clear problem defining is step one.


Recognizing the gaps in the current state evaluation is a necessary link to desired goals by finding credible metrics and tools to achieve impact. Don't let the big opportunity be missed, or worse, poorly executed.

A strategy is simply about the right resources in the right direction at the right time. Nava's process follows functional expertise, objective opinion, and stress-testing the road map to your vision. Nava focuses on strategic planning, red teaming, scenario analysis, and scaling.



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Areas of Practice


Nonprofits are overworked and stretched. There is a need to track measurements and impacts without losing sight of the important work provided for clients. Unsure of outcome measurements? Testing a new initiative? Want to catalyze innovation with concrete guidance? We help to address, how a nonprofit can scale, evolve and adapt effectively.


Only 1 in 11 businesses achieve sustainable growth (Bain & Co). Scaling is not easy in a hyper-competitive market. Wanting to deliver improvements, make smart decisions or drive growth are strategic questions. Are you focused on the right products or services? We help to address, how do you create value for you and for your customers effectively.


The way people consume and interact with art is constantly in flux. Distribution, revenue streams, customer markets, purchasing habits, and other relationships are ever-evolving. The landscape is hyper-competitive. The internet and technology are so pervasive. We help to address, how to leverage the best ideas into promising opportunities.

Parallel Lines

“Salomeh has a strong insight into starting a business, and pointing out areas you might not notice. She really helped my business become more productive in how I manage.”

— Rakhi Mutta, Ms. Mutta Productions,

Manager of Rupi Kaur


Our simple process

1 Kick-off

Team meetings discussing the scope, identifying outcomes

and objectives.

2 Implementation

Analysis, research and workshops on the (internal / external) issues.

3 Iterate

Loopback critical path to objectives and assess

fine-tuning any needs.

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