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Nava means ‘beautiful sound’ in Farsi. We bring beautiful sound to your goals because we know decision-making costs time and money. We help you to clarify and identify the right opportunities with a focus on strategic planning, red teaming, scenario analysis and scaling.


Our clients: businesses, cooperatives, non-profits and those in education, retail, music, multi-media and entertainment, and service providers.


If you're stuck and can't see a clear path ahead, you need a trusted advisor. We assess your current state against our standards of quality. You might lose sight of what is it that is really concerning you by being very close to the situation - where do you focus next? Clear problem identification is key.

Our Expertise

We simplify strategy. Having a deep understanding of how systems function and of cultural organization - strategy becomes not only part of the organizational DNA, but also as a team effort. Too many priorities, a divided team, scarce resources, a new product or service, maintaining quality while growing, or reconsidering your model or design principles -  might be some pressing questions. Where do you place your efforts and resources?

Our Philosophy

Through human-centred capacity building, we aim for a holistic understanding. Whether it's surveying staff or clients, analyzing your industry, measuring impacts, running a strategy session, reinvigorating awareness, advocacy or branding – organizational shifts involve dynamic changes – Nava is able to recognize and draw on in the right direction. Bring in an experienced consultant who will prove that simplifying will reduce the overwhelm you feel to achieve better results.

Areas of Practice


Nonprofits are overworked and stretched. There is a need to track measurements and impacts without losing sight of the important work provided for clients. Unsure of outcome measurements? Testing a new initiative? Want to catalyze innovation with concrete guidance? We help to address, how a nonprofit can scale, evolve and adapt effectively.


Only 1 in 11 businesses achieve sustainable growth (Bain & Co). Scaling is not easy in a hyper-competitive market. Wanting to deliver improvements, make smart decisions or drive growth are strategic questions. Are you focused on the right products or services? We help to address, how do you create value for you and for your customers effectively.


The way people consume and interact with art is constantly in flux. Distribution, revenue streams, customer markets, purchasing habits, and other relationships are ever-evolving. The landscape is hyper-competitive. The internet and technology are so pervasive. We help to address, how to leverage the best ideas into promising opportunities.

The Team

A strategic plan is one thing, but putting the right resources in the right direction at the right time is another. We don't reinvent the wheel, but help to analyze and prioritize so you can take brave risks.

With an MBA and a background in the social sector, Salomeh focuses on connecting the parts to the whole in new and empowering ways. She brings experiences working in small and fast-paced organizations, with SMEs, and social entrepreneurs, providing research, strategic and critical thinking to resolve complex issues. A strong facilitator and creative problem solver - she hones in on the gaps while connecting it to the bigger picture.





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