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About 70% of strategic plans fail. Only 1 in 11 companies achieve profitable growth (Bain & Co). The static strategic plan is dead - you must adapt. Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategic planning, capacity building, scenario analysis and scaling.

Nava employs strong benchmarks to define and enable strategies that leverage the power of core operations with strategic decisions. That is, analyzing vision and strategy, redefining the operating model and managing the change journey to deliver sustainable impact and value. Nava is the architect for enabling your end-to-end value journey by leveraging well-honed quality service, strategic thinking, and analytical decision-making. Organizations need more than just a standard and static strategy - it must be adaptable, holistic and future backwards.


Strategic analysis navigates the complex external environment, by first turning inward to assess the current state and uncover gaps by validating the nature and impacts of the problem. This includes internal and stakeholder analysis; external analysis, core competencies, SWOT-analysis, visioning, to name a few. We also design evaluation sessions dedicated to logic models and results chains.

Sticky Notes

Capacity Building

To maximize your time, make sure to get the team involved prior to a new initiative, strategy session or initiative. Where are you going, what do you need to focus on, what skills and gaps exist? Is there engagement, buy-in, clarity and success metrics? We focus on change management, anti-oppression training, empathy building and red-teaming / strategic skills.

Research & Evaluations

Telling stories, conveying a message or advocacy require data in today's world. Research is often more interested in producing generalizable, scientific knowledge, more theoretical, or to produce primary data. Evaluation is interested in specific, applied knowledge where stakeholder interest is high. We provide tools and training around primary and secondary data, and best practices. What are you trying to learn, and what kind of information is needed?

Logic Models & Theory of Change

Services and programs are not linear - a range of factors influence results. How can you get the team involved to build a common understanding of goals, processes and expectations for resources? A TOC is used to capture complex social impacts through underlying assumptions. These tools helps to better share ideas, identify assumptions, build your team and effectively communicate.

Red Teaming

A red team helps get you out of a decision-making rut through the deliberate application of independent critical thought. This helps to improve ideas or strategies through critical opposition by rigorously challenging plans, policies, systems and assumptions. Red teaming involves a range of structured, creative and critical thinking techniques to assist in better informed group decisions. It's often effective in helping groups overcome bias and broaden their problem solving capabilities. Speak to us to learn more.

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